>>>Nutrition will help fire up your energy levels!

Hi there,

A note to introduce you to the nutrition & wellness component of my business.  I am a great believer that you need to nurture yourself first before you can nurture others.  How about you?

I am a Holistic Business Coach from Melbourne, Australia.  I believe enjoying beautiful food with the people I love is one of life’s simple pleasures.  I also love to blog about all things health & wellness, travel & lifestyle.

Why Queen of Foodiness?

The title was given me by a friend in PR and media who supported my restaurant/ gourmet store/ catering business in Western Australia and was across my passion for sourcing local produce,  trialling the latest fab ingredients that are trending and the obligatory visits to vineyards & farmers markets. 

Hands up if you are the foodie in your circle of friends!  Are you the one that gets roped into coming up with ideas for forthcoming dinner parties, latest hot spots to dine or picnic ideas for a gathering of the clan?

So what is 'foodiness'? 

Where to source the freshest seasonal produce, the enduring passion of the regional producers and suppliers, coming up with the ideal recipe to showcase the ingredients, sharing an abundant table with a group of friends, family, colleagues, and lovers of all things foodie related!  

Above all, it is the story lines that are enduring over the ages that ties community together, the common thread of love, laughter & fabulous memories shared over a glass of vino...

How can I support you?
I’m passionate about teaching solopreneurs, entrepreneurs and mumpreneurs & hey foodies, how to achieve balance between business and lifestyle, its starts with organizing your nutrition to power your energy levels! 

To your success….

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Jo-Anne Grist