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Hi there!


If you hear a nagging little voice that you are NOT doing the work you were meant to, that you aren’t fully utilising your talents and abilities to the highest potential, that you aren’t on the right path to creating a business that you not only love but also want to know you are making a difference to other people’s lives, know you are not alone!


I just wanted to share, particularly for those who are feeling overwhelmed, stressed, so much going on and wanting to do but feel like a hamster on a wheel, that I too have days of feeling all over the shop and question why I keep going hard at it each day, spending long hours on building ‘my empire’.


My advice?  Step back and reassess your workload!  


I have been busy over the past few months building my sub brand “Queen of Foodiness” which has meant extra hours spent on planning, design, marketing and communications. 


This week I have totally aligned everything together and have a clear path to my next moves…


This is so important in flowing along with your next steps.  Quite often the goal posts move and plans change.  Quite often we have to stop, reassess and sometimes even come up with a new way or a slightly different vision.


But don’t let it discourage you and stop you!


Be fluid and be patient.  Assess what you have got and keep doing to reach the closest thing that aligns with your passion.


To your success...

PS Here is the link to book your ticket to a bespoke Culinary Masterclass 1:1 with me, Groups of 1 - 4.  Drop me any queries via the Enquiries tab!

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