Jo Loves



A few things I Love... 

I love fresh. I love local. I love simple. I love natural. I love white. I love colour. I love food. I love wine & champagne. I really love champagne. I love coffee. I love community. I love working out.  I love freshly baked bread.  I love flowers. I love exploring.  I love markets. I love chocolate. I love animals. I love vineyards. I love alfresco dining.  I love fresh air. I love travel. I love road trips. I love new experiences. I love kindness. I love learning new things. I love people’s stories.  I love being inspired.


Nutrition & Wellness


Health/ wellness/ fitness is my mantra to have the energy and passion to embrace new opportunities that come my way. 

I have always focussed on fresh, seasonal food for optimum health and exercise was a daily routine of choice rather than a chore. Sometimes however life has a way of throwing a curve ball, an interrupt to take stock of what really has meaning in your life. My husband is a brain cancer survivor and whilst we had always eaten healthily, it became a mission to research the absolute best diet and lifestyle choices to find the ultimate balance that would aid his recovery. We are blessed to be living out those choices.

Out & About


My aim is to inspire people to visit our city Melbourne, the cultural capital of Australia and explore regional Victoria.

I will share blogs on our travels to fave destinations in Australia and overseas; new wine bars, the latest foodie finds (and share the stories of producers); local attractions; festivals & events. There is so much to explore and experience!