>>> Free yourself of the non-stop giving syndrome!

Hi there!


Hey you strong, confident, committed, family-focused, hard-working superwoman entrepreneur who give their all every day…


Are you so incredibly focused on serving your business or career, your clients or customers, your family, your friends that you have let go of your own self-care and somehow found yourself at the bottom of your priority list?


I want to ask you right now…


Where are YOU on your priority list?  Move yourself right now to number one or you are going the right way to reaching burnout and not being in a position of serving anyone!


How many meetings, travel, events have you packed into a day, running against deadlines, up with the sparrows giving up your early morning exercise to finish off a presentation that was due by 11:00am and kept yourself propped up with coffee throughout, too tired and exhausted to stop for lunch?


What would be a defining moment to realise you had fallen into “… comes LAST” mode and say enough is enough?  You are NOT able to keep on ‘giving’ if you’re always last on your own priority list.


So starting today, I encourage you, if you’re feeling burnt out by your business, impacted by others or struggling with a health battle, and if you’re last on your own priority list, you need to pause for a few days and take some time out…


My advice, go and do something that falls into one of two categories:

§  Things that are fun

§  Things that make you feel better after you do them


So what could that look like?


Here are a few suggestions to get you started:

§  Have lunch with a friend.

§  Take yourself off to see a romantic movie.

§  Visit a weekend farmers market.

§  Attend a yoga or meditation class.

§ Book in for a Culinary Masterclass.

§  Sit and watch a sunset with a glass of vino in hand.

§  Have a massage at your fave day spa.

§  Try a different class at gym.


Many of us are so busy, we’ve forgotten what is simply fun just because…


Take a moment now to write down 10 things that are FUN or make you feel better after you do them… then every week choose 3 things from that list that are just for yourself. 


Make time for YOU!


I will leave you with an affirmation that was recommended to me recently:


Everything I do for others I do for myself first in order to sustain my energy & power.

If you have been guilty of letting your self-care slide away like I have done in the past, you lovely lady need to be the top of your priority list from this day forward…


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