>>> 5 Steps to rocket your productivity!

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Do you suffer from information overload? Or, if you would prefer to call it, analysis paralysis?


“Analysis paralysis or paralysis by analysis is the state of over-analyzing (or over-thinking) a situation so that a decision or action is never taken, in effect paralyzing the outcome.”


Are you someone who attends all the webinars, goes through the training, and buys the courses but then can never seem to take action on the concepts you learnt?


Well the good news is that if you answered YES, you are definitely not alone!


As humans, we are pretty much programmed from society since the day we are born to be consumers and learners. We are taught to learn and memorise to pass tests, but how often are we taught how to usefully apply those concepts to the real world? 


In essence, we are programmed to keep absorbing an overload of information on a daily basis.


As we get older, we start to realise that it is in our experiences that we learn our greatest lessons and produce our best results.


And we can only gain this experience through taking ACTION.


Now that’s not to say that consuming information does not play a crucial role. Learning new information, concepts, and strategies is necessary to continue growing, but the key is in how we APPLY that knowledge.

Knowledge without application is like a book that is never read.
— Christopher Crawford

So if you are ready to shift from a consumer to a PRODUCER in your business to get some rockin’ results, let’s get down to 5 key steps to conquer your information overwhelm.


1 – Set an Action Objective BEFORE Learning Something New

Before buying a course or watching a webinar, decide ahead of time what your ONE actionable goal will be. Do you plan to make a video sharing something you learnt? Or maybe you plan to write up a blog post or share a social media status about some of your takeaways.


It truly doesn’t matter WHAT your chosen action is so long as it benefits your growth.


For example, if you decide to go through a training on Facebook ads, your goal might be to launch some ads right after the training.  If you purchase an Instagram course, your action goal could be to go through one or two modules each day and apply what you learn to grow your Instagram account.


One thing I have realised is that the MORE you take action on the information you learn, the less it will weigh you down. It frees up all that grey matter in your brain to learn and absorb even more!


2 –  Decide If The Information is Necessary at the Time

Another thing to keep in mind is that you don’t need to learn everything all at once!  Each time you are about to learn something new, ask yourself if it will enhance or complement what you are already doing or working on!


If your Marketing Strategy is focussed on Facebook, then perhaps you could dedicate a set amount of time to ONLY learning and consuming information related to that subject. Once you get things moving and start getting results from it, you’ll be ready to move on to another strategy.


However, you might be like me and still want to take advantage of courses or bonuses when they are released for a limited timeframe.  If that’s the case, keep reading to the next step on how to leverage those...


3 –  Revisit Old Material With a New Spin

Are you currently sitting on a bunch of courses that you either NEVER went through or you never took ACTION on? If so, it’s not too late to start now!


One simple idea that I started implementing was to go through courses for a second (or third) time with new intentions and purpose based on what strategy I was working on at the time. In fact, all of the courses you are sitting on and the notes you have taken are literally an absolute gold mine! As long as you take action on it all.


In order to turn those notes into incoming producing cash flow, you need to create content on what you learnt with specific calls to action (CTA's).


So get out that old material and set yourself up a game plan to go through it with renewed purpose and specific actions. Convert those notes into currency!


4 –  Only Take Notes on What You Plan to Use

If you’re anything like I used to be (ok sometimes I still am L), you might find yourself frantically taking notes on every little piece of information that is shared during a presentation or while reading a book. 


Anyone else guilty of taking 2 hours to listen to a 1 hour webinar as you had to stop, start, re-wind to take down notes word-for-word as you didn’t want to miss anything because EVERYTHING was important on it? LOL


What I’ve found is that you should keep your focus on writing down ONLY the information you will use in some way. As you start taking notes, always ask yourself:

~ Will I turn this information into a piece of content?

~ Will I actually apply this strategy to my business?


If the answer is NO to both questions, then you should probably pass on writing it down!


Save that energy and brainpower to write down something you actually will put to use!


5 - Make time to review it

Schedule some time in your diary to go through all the data that you are collecting. Go through those email folders. Review documents and programs that you have stored away.


Book a meeting with yourself to do this so that you have some structured time in your diary each week to deal with information.


If you use a mind map to organize your data sources into categories you could set up time to deal with each category one by one.


It is a short-term investment to review the incoming information but you will make time savings too because you are dealing with themed information and not jumping around between topics.


That sums up my 5 simple steps for going from information overload and overwhelm to becoming a person who takes massive action in your business and getting desired results.


As you can see, it really comes down to becoming more strategic with the information that you consume.


Having a game plan, mapping out your business with purpose, and simply taking action each day will have the biggest impact on your results.


To your success….

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Jo-Anne Grist