Where are you at with your mindset?

What is mindset, what does it mean to you? For me having the right mindset is a set of ideas and attitudes that shape the way someone thinks about themselves and the world. It is your mindset that will determine the way you behave, your outlook on life and your attitude towards everything that's going on around you.

There are 2 types of mindset: growth + fixed. People in a fixed mindset believe you either are or aren’t good at something, based on your inherent nature, because it’s just who you are. People in a growth mindset believe anyone can be good at anything, because your abilities are entirely due to your actions. In a growth mindset, it’s all about the process, so the outcome hardly matters. Let's embrace this journey!

My tips for developing a GROWTH mindset:

u Be keen to learn from the people around you. ✔️
u Understand to get what you want, be prepared to put the effort in. ✔️
u Recognise failure is an opportunity to learn. ✔️
u Welcome challenges. ✔️
u Be open to new things and new ways of learning. ✔️
u Be ready to embrace change, be awesome! ☺️

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Jo-Anne Grist