Old fashioned natural remedies are a winner!

Are you feeling sluggish and a bit bloated following weeks of endless social engagements, consuming different calorie laden food party food, way too many Summer cocktails & festive season bubbles?

Hey guys, the benefits of apple cider vinegar (ACV)  have been getting a lot of press recently, this old fashioned tonic has suddenly come back into fashion and become the go to remedy for a quick detox!  I prefer to buy organic products and gluten free when available, look out for Bragg's ACV with turmeric.

For some people it's a challenge to drink ACV straight in water, try adding the juice of half a lemon to mask the taste. If you can't manage that, sprinkle over a fresh salad or add to a green juice to get your daily fix.  My great aunt had a tablespoon of ACV in water every night before bed and mixed it with a teaspoon of honey!

Tip: Start with 1 teaspoon of ACV in warm water first up of a morning and gradually build up to a tablespoon. Apart from all the other cleansing benefits, I guarantee you will notice an increase in energy after a week.  Drop me a line, let me know how you go!