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I have been somewhat absent from my business over the past few weeks as I took some time out to be present for my husband pre and post major surgery.

It has given me time to reflect on what is truly important in my life. Ever thought about your legacy, your WHY that keeps you going, the small and the large events that impact your lifestyle and your business.  Can you relate?

Interestingly I have found that it is the small things that matter the most in times of trauma, friends I have met through networking and since embarking on my business have sent beautiful messages of support, and totally get what I am going through running a business, clients, marketing and juggling personal commitments.

So from recent learnings, what are the tools you find most valuable to support you in running your business?  Most businesses have a Business Plan, Marketing Plan, Communications Plan and Financial Plan, but do you have a Risk Management Plan for times you are impacted by a short-term or long-term accident, illness or disability?

Imagine being given 2 days notice on timing to be admitted into hospital for surgery!  We had 24 hours to get our personal affairs in order, luckily I drew on my project management experience and quickly drafted a Top 10 list of priorities with timelines and alerted key people to provide business support in the coming weeks!


My tip:  at the very least, ensure you have agreements with financial advisors, key man or personal accident insurance, lawyers and other close confidants across your business who can step in and shield you from the day-to-day to keep your business ticking over until you are back on deck and able to give it your full attention.

Back in the room, today I attended a Writer’s Toolkit Writing Workshop with the fabulous Holly Cardamone, Blue 51 Communications.  I have become rather organic with my marketing – shock horror – and have moved away from scheduling and automating posts. We all want flexibility in our businesses right?  


I recommended a balance of automated and organic content.  It was timely to brush up on planning & content strategies for 2019, not only to save myself a heap of time, but to focus on living a life I love!


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