>>>Spring clean your life – your Master Checklist!

It's another week, the sun is shining, I absolutely love seeing Melbourne’s streetscape burst into life with spring blossoms, even the gnarly wisteria vine outside my home office window has suddenly sprouted buds over the past week!  You can’t help but feel uplifted with renewed energy embracing Spring sunshine…

This week is all about getting back on top of marketing my businesses after putting some activities on hold over the past month to support my husband.  Unfortunately his latest MRI indicated that there has been a regrowth of cancer cells after an initial brain cancer diagnosis 6 years ago. ‘Mr Miracle Man’ is keen to be an advocate for his own health and is researching both modern medicine and natural therapies to aid his recovery with the least impact to us both.

I’m sharing our story as inspiration to others who have been through a similar wellness journey, never give up on finding solutions, answers come from unexpected sources when you reach out and ask questions to challenge the status quo. 

Everyone is handed adversity in life. No one’s journey is easy. It’s how they handle it that makes people unique.
— Kevin Conroy

In times of adversity, it really brings home what matters to you in life.  It has given me time to reflect on my entrepreneurial journey thus far, my achievements, dreams & goals, and a renewed focus on stepping up to develop my business to the next level with workshops and online learning programs to assist other small business owners hit their goals.  

Have you been through a similar scenario? Drop me a line, I would love to hear from you.

Quarterly Review

It’s hard to believe the countdown to end of year is looming, the AFL Grand Final - a huge fixture on the events calendar in Melbourne - takes place in just over a week, the spring racing carnival commences early October followed closely by cricket season. 

Now is an ideal time to give yourself some deadlines and do a quarterly review to hit some big goals before the end of the year.

Grab yourself some paper and outline the following:

~ Top 3 things I accomplished in the past 3 months.

~ How do I feel about the progress of my goals so far?

~ What goals am I focusing on in the next 3 months?

~ Major challenges for the next 3 months.

~ How will I overcome these challenges?

So my question to you is....how are you marketing your business? Do you have a strategy or plan?  Valuable time and resources are wasted if you are not clear on your vision and goals.  Do you have a marketing plan?  Drop me a line, book in a 30 min discovery session with me to gauge if I can assist you in getting focussed and keep you on track.

I would like to leave you with a few life lessons that have been reinforced to me over the past few weeks:

1.    Just do it – don’t put off the little things that become big things.

2.    Surround yourself with positive people who support your journey and lift you up when needed.

3.    Sort out what has meaning and focus on achieving one task each day that will make a difference to your business and lifestyle.

4.    Ask for help more, realise you are only human and can’t do it all.  People are only too willing to help.

5.    Declutter, you will be amazed the difference it makes with renewed energy.

6.    Get very clear on your vision & goals and what is achievable.

Have a great week.

To your success….

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