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Happy Friday, how has your week and the official start of the 'silly season' been?  

Only two weeks until Christmas holiday break!  I don't know about you, but for me 2017 has flown by...

Apart from purchasing last minute Christmas gifts and attending end of year networking and festive events, I have been doing an audit and review of the past year of all the activities I have undertaken to build my business; projections for 2018 and rationalising what marketing activities have been successful and/or what no longer serves me.  

I have now entered a phase of 'streamlining' activities to create balance in both my business & lifestyle.  

Here are my top tips to save time and money:

1.    Review memberships - are they relevant to your business?

2.    Do an audit of software programs you are subscribing to - are they due for an overhaul?

3.    Are your time management systems effective to keep you on track and efficient?

4.    What activities do you spend the most time on - are they money making activities that are achieving a desired ROI?

5.    What tasks do you totally dislike doing and tend to avoid which eventually impact - time to outsource?

Enjoy your weekend, find some quiet time to rejuvenate ready to do it all again next week...

To your success...

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PS  I am sharing Sam Wood's 28 'Fitness Tree' for those of you who are up for a fitness challenge in the lead up to Christmas!  

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Jo-Anne Grist