>>> Welcome back! Time for a different approach?

Welcome back!

I love the New Year as it’s a time of fresh starts, big dreams and planning big goals.

Many of us are reflecting upon the year past and thinking about how we can make 2018 even better!

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I can vividly remember January 1, 2017 sitting poolside when I declared it was the year I would stop allowing fear alone to hold me back from doing all the things I really wanted to do. 

I needed to stretch out of my comfort zone to step up and
play bigger, bolder and make a difference in how I could support other entrepreneurs through my story.   My personal message to you...

Well, whilst I made great inroads building my consulting business in 2017 to where I want it to be, now is the time to take massive action, my motto for 2018 is “Streamline for Success”.

The time is now to roll out all the initiatives I am passionate about to help YOU, small business owner to grow your biz.


Whilst half of Melbourne has been away on holidays, I have eased into the New Year investing valuable time working on my biz. 

I have fine-tuned vision & goals for the next 3, 6 and 12+ months sorting through years of research material and resources in preparation to develop and schedule “Business Accelerator Masterclasses” leading into a VIP online program this year. 

So what do you have planned in 2018 to grow your business? 

Over the coming weeks I will explore some key areas and actions to take in your business to set you up for the best year yet!

My biggest tip?  Start with the end in mind…

Step 1 – WHAT DO I WANT?  Write down a 90 day goal in the present tense (my business is, my life is, I am, etc).

Step 2 – WHY do I want it? <<< The REAL WHY is the fuel…the EMOTION you would feel if you got it…

Step 3 – Who must I BECOME (and avoid being) in order to reach this goal?

Step 4 – How could I get it?  Dream BIG, get inspired!

Step 5 – What would it cost me if I keep living the story of why I can’t?  GET LEVERAGE on yourself!

Thank you for being a part of my community in 2017, I look forward to being part of your business journey in 2018 in whatever way that may be. 


To your success....

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Jo-Anne Grist