>>>Want the secret to professional and personal success?

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As a holistic business coach, I work with female solopreneurs to review their business models and to reinvent their business systems and approach. Whilst the goals within this context varies, the bottom line is I work with women to support them to perform to (and to exceed) their potential.



I’m many things - a sounding board, a devil’s advocate, an enabler - in the most positive sense of this word, of course! And I’m a problem solver. The overarching goal is to support you to achieve your goals, to be your cheerleader and to be firmly in your corner.



That said, a huge part of my role is working towards making my work with you semi-obsolete! Yes, it’s a paradox, I know, but as a holistic business coach, I equip you with the skills and behaviours to use for the long term, applying to situations and circumstances as they arise.



Want the most essential tools for ongoing success in your professional and personal life?




Whilst I do have quite a few strategies in my arsenals to get some quick wins, what I’m about to share involve some hard work and perhaps some difficult conversations. They aren’t always easy to access and apply and they’re certainly no quick fix.  If you’re looking for that, I’m possibly not the right coach for you.

Ready? Here we go!

Self-responsibility and self-motivation are the secret to ongoing professional and personal success. Let’s break them down.



At it’s core, self-responsibility is about how you see your place in the world. ‘Life is 10% what happens to you and 90% how you react to it’ is a quote by Charles Swindoll which I believe perfectly encapsulates self-responsibility.



Self-motivation on the other hand is the foundation behind your daily actions and habits which either drive (or not) your progression to your goals.



Both concepts are highly interrelated. Self-responsibility is associated with a sense of control over ourselves and our lives. Self-motivation is the actions we take in response to that sense of control.



Self-responsibility is more than optimism; it’s about the perspective you take as you move through your life. Are you an active or passive participant? Do you believe things just happen to you?



I believe we all have the power to influence our lives, and in order to change your circumstances you have to change your behaviour and take responsibility for your actions.



Bottom line: if you don’t like something in the way you are living, personally or professionally, or both, it’s up to you to change that. How? Through your actions, and thus your self-motivation.



By definition, self-motivation relies not on external factors or influence, but on your own grit and inner strength. It involves tackling something, even when you really don’t want to. It means choosing to work towards your goals admits competing and compelling priorities. It involves being super-clear about what it actually is that you want, how you view your professional and personal potential.



I have a number of tools that I share with clients to enhance and strengthen their self-motivation muscles.



Obviously, having well-defined goals is a great approach to enhancing self-motivation. So too is journaling, both against your goals and more generally.



Whilst I don’t have hard data, my anecdotal experience, both personally and with clients is that it’s more effective to have a goal or a shift of behaviour couched in a positive rather than negative frame.



For example work towards greater gratitude-based responses rather than less angry reactions; if you’re looking to be less angry, that’s the emotion you’ll be focused on. With a focus on the positive, the changes are more likely to be sustainable for the long term.



Time management is another strategy that will build self-motivation. So too is surrounding yourself with inspiration- inspiring people, quotes and images to keep your focus on living your life actively and



Deliberately cultivating a positive mindset, even when it seems the Gods are conspiring against you, is a way to keep self-motivation levels high and I have several tools and apps I recommend - please contact me and I’ll gladly share them with you.


Of course, as the Queen of Foodiness, I would be remiss if I didn’t add my wholehearted conviction that taking care of yourself through beautiful nutrition, having lots of sleep and moving your body is the ultimate form of self-responsibility.



Self-responsibility and self-motivation aren’t particularly sexy concepts (or are they?) and they’re certainly not easy to consistently adhere to in the day to day of our lives.

Without either concept, it’s pretty much impossible to reach our potential - that’s the blunt, cold truth. However, like anything, the more you focus on improvement, the higher the gains.



I’d love to work with you to build your self-responsibility and self-motivation reservoirs as you live a life you love, personally and professionally. Just reach out!

To your success…

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