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Nothing makes people recoil in horror like the word ‘networking’.


I get it; this holistic business coach has been to her fair share of excruciating business networking events! However, finding the right business network group is transformational, professionally and personally. Finding one that relies on face-to-face connection is life changing.



It’s interesting - the vast majority of my work with female solopreneurs to grow and scale their businesses is delivered online, not in person.



However, I must credit the strength and sustainability of my business to my in-person networking group. Yes, I’ve done the hard yards with my clients, but it’s my network that give me so much in terms of support, inspiration, motivation and, in some cases, perspiration that
allows my business to flourish.



Online life is great and offers so many opportunities to connect. However, nothing builds trust and likeability than eye contact!



These days, we certainly aren’t spoilt for choice when it comes to finding an in-person business networking group. Choice is the operative word here - quantity does not automatically include



There’s great groups out there, there’s good groups, there’s bad and there’s very, very bad. In fact, one of my client’s recent experiences prompted this blog post.  She needed a bucket of pine-o-cleen to remove the ick from attending a stuffy leads-focused event full of suits with pushy elevator pitches! It was a massive waste of her valuable time, and it’s safe to say that she won’t be returning.



Your tribe affects your vibe. Are they positive and uplifting, or negative and draining? When you find the right networking group for you, you’ll find a group of like minded people that will become instrumental to your success, as well as support you as you grow from your failures. They become a network of friendship and collegiality, and of connections for the long term.



There are clear tangible benefits to networking…



Business networking can help you find new clients, enrich your knowledge and of course enhance your cashflow and grow your business. The opportunities extend beyond new clients and referrals, including speaking, guest blogging, collaborations and partnerships.



One of the strengths of a good business networking group is the quality of the referrals you will receive. You see, the people referring your business will have developed a relationship with you, they’ll know, like and trust you which makes it easier for them to convey your work to leads. By the time they reach you they’ll have a greater understanding of how you can be of support and service, so you don’t have to spend so much time qualifying them.



A less tangible benefit to a networking group is the clarification and clarity around your business. Access to a group of people who get you will give you a means and a mechanism for refining your work - everything from your vision to the services you offer.



You’re tapping into a collective wisdom that enriches your thinking.



Of course, it can’t be a one-way street. A good network involves you giving as well as receiving. Be of service and actively find ways to connect people you genuinely believe could be of support and growth to one another.



When I speak to clients about finding their tribe and about business networks, I always encourage them to go for something that has nurturing connections for the long haul at the heart, rather than how many business cards you can exchange.

Long term relationships and connections are key to success, and the development of these must be central to your networking group.  If you’d like some support finding your tribe, please give me a call - I’d love to work with you!

To your success…

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Jo-Anne Grist