>>>What’s at the core of the monkey chatter?

Hi there,

There’s a quote largely attributed to Buddha that I’m about to shamelessly butcher:

 'The human mind is full of drunken monkeys, jumping around, chattering and carrying on.’


Imagine this: you’re sitting at your desk, your to do list is going into double digits, and the monkey chatter in your brain makes setting priorities against your list nigh on impossible!


Next step: overwhelm. There’s very few of us who haven’t experienced that sensation.


My work with female entrepreneurs over the past decade tells me that the monkey chatter that accompanies competing priorities comes down to one core issue: self-worth, or a lack thereof.



When you don’t value your worth, you say yes to every job that crosses your path. When you lack self-worth, you lack focus and have very little clarity around your vision.


You find it incredibly difficult to make good decisions about how you spend your precious time, and you may find yourself losing hours doing things that are either irrelevant or downright unpleasant - networking, I’m looking at you!


You see, constantly doubting yourself and the value you bring gives the monkey chatter full reign to turn up the volume, making managing your priorities even more difficult. When you feel like the monkey chatter has become just too obstructive there are some steps you can take to get the momentum back, starting with raising your perception of your self-worth.


First things first: let’s go back to crystal clear clarity (the three Cs) about your vision. What do you want from your business? If you haven’t already, make yourself a gorgeous vision board and put it right where you can see it.


Meditating against a specific affirmation that’s evocative of your goals can be really helpful in both quieting the monkey chatter and getting clear on your vision. If you’re not a meditator, get the Insight timer app on your phone, set the timer for 5 minutes and reap the benefits for hours ahead.


Go back to basics with an analysis of how you are managing your time with the end goal of managing it a whole lot better, and in a way that’s aligned to your goals.


Be clear about your triggers. This may come from journaling and reflecting on the times in your past where the monkey chatter has become overwhelming, or when you know undoubtedly that your behaviour showed a distinct lack of self-worth. When you’re conscious about your triggers you can put in place steps for when it rears its ugly head again.


It was Oprah who said ‘do what you have to do until you can do what you want to do.’ Whilst I’m loathe to disagree with Oprah, you don’t have to follow this advice to the letter. Instead, find a balance that’s acceptable to you of projects that light you up and work that is your bread and butter income.


Finally, and perhaps most importantly, focus on your physical health and your self-care. Eat beautiful food, give your sleep and rest priority and do some physical exercise - nothing too strenuous, but get your body moving.


It’s impossible to grow your business without momentum, and momentum can’t happen without the effective prioritising that comes with strong self-worth and a clear vision.

Get the monkey chatter out of your head by working with a holistic biz coach - I know the perfect one! I’d love to work with you. Just reach out!

To your success…

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