What should I eat?

There is so much confusion as to what is considered a healthy, balanced diet.
No sugar. Super foods. Raw. Paleo. Is anyone else confused about what they should eat?

I was keen to attend a recent panel discussion consisting of four high profile health & fitness personalities, at the annual 'Fitness Show Melbourne'.  All panellist's have been vocal advocates in spreading the wellness message for over 20 years on the Australian scene,  debating about one of the most important health issues of our time - the role food plays in overall well-being. 🍏🍋🍅🍉


Authors Michelle Bridges, David Gillespie, Ellie Bulleen and Tim Robards provided  insights on food trends, marketing messages and how the health & wellness industry has become so prolific. Bottom line message, they were all in agreeance that  ‘if you can’t grow it, don’t eat it’.  I too am an advocate of eating food as close to it’s natural source as possible, eliminating preservatives and packaged products.


I had no intention of buying ‘another’ cookbook nor carrying them around the jam packed fitness show whilst I checked out the exhibitors, until my gym buddy and I were heading home past the ‘What should I eat’ roadshow booth... who can resist a 3 for 1 deal bonus!! Outcome, refer images!...


It is Jo’s passion to teach entrepreneurs simple tips & strategies over a 4 Hour Culinary Masterclass including the basics on kitchen setup, how to construct a simple weekly menu plan and how to prepare simple & nourishing meals for optimum energy based around your work and lifestyle challenges.  

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