Cultured Goats's milk heaven!

Meredith Dairy cultured goat milk is a probiotic yoghurt.  The flavour and texture is silky smooth on the palate and if you are similar to me, I don't consume a huge amount of milk so find this is a great alternative to cow or soy milk. Other health benefits are gluten free, no yeast or added sugar!

Drink straight from the bottle - I love a glass in the afternoon as an alternative to a coffee fix - pour on cereal or make a smoothie to get the benefits of healthy, friendly bacteria.  As an alternative to Greek yoghurt, I add to m breakfast quinoa and sprinkle with blueberries...

I recently discovered via a visit to a local specialised pet food outlet, that you can feed goats milk to cats, it breaks down in their stomach within 20 minutes.  This news was a bonus as I was search for a treat to give my Burmese cat Legolas who was diagnosed with pancreatitis 18 months ago.  We are no longer able to feed him dry biscuits due to the inflammation, so a tablespoon of goats milk in the afternoon is a real treat to settle the stomach.... ears back, he loves it!



Meredith Dairy is a family owned enterprise. Milking year-round and processing a range of specialty cheese and yoghurts.  I initially purchased their products to showcase in my restaurant/ gourmet store in Western Australia, their fresh goat chevre is the most versatile of cheeses.